C.W. Nicole writes beautifully about Japan's nature. Here is an excerpt from a recent article in the Japan Times, about a special journey to Port Radium on Great Bear Lake, Canada:

I was 23 then and had married a Japanese girl just before leaving for Great Bear Lake. I knew that Japan would be important in my life.

One evening, I was sitting on a hill above the white-painted buildings of the mine, the natural harbor of Port Radium lying below me. Looking down through clear crystal waters I could see the shadowy forms of submerged rocks and the shape of a sunken barge. The sun reflected in a golden glare off the wide expanse of water beyond the harbor, and further away still were the gentle hues of more distant hills -- golden, blue, green, purple. There were thousands of ripe, red, wild raspberries growing all around. A solitary gull was hanging in the flame of the setting sun, and a raven flew over the buildings, its cry echoing from rocky cliffs. The thought came to me -- wouldn't it be a fine thing to have a monument here, in memory and tribute to all those who suffered from atomic bombs -- the Dene, the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . . . everybody!

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