Sustainable Sweden tours

Sustainable development is a popular environmental catchphrase, but it’s not always clear what sustainability looks like beyond demonstration projects such as recycling centers or the occasional “green” building. Now North Americans are starting to look at Sweden for both models and methods of sustainability, according to this article in The Environmental Magazine.

Japanese tours have been arranged annually as well, and here is what one Japanese participants wrote:

One of the most impressive examples was ”Green Zone” in Umeå, a sustainable architectural platform for providing services to car drivers with a full cooperation by major global enterprises. While having intensive activities by day, fun time” awaits you in the evening. Outdoors-loving Swedes appreciate that mother nature is always a stone’s throw away. Even in today’s rushed world, they mind a balanced existence and a pleasant lifestyle. With wonderful local food and songs, the group and Esam consultants had a memorable night at Åkullsjön farm, taking advantage of endless dusk in early Scandinavian summer. If you are a strong advocator of the sustainable development concept, this tour, during which you can regain courage and conviction, is certainly the one you should not miss

Read more at Sustainable Sweden. Click here for details about the Japanese tours.


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