"Phishing" attack

What a silly way to try to steal money! Swedish newspapers report that it was a "clumsy" or "sloppy" attempt, and that the Koreans who apparently sent this had failed to hide their identity...

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Swedish bank Nordea AB temporarily shut down its Internet banking service after some of its customers received fraudulent e-mails asking them to give their account information, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The so-called "phishing" attack happened around 10 p.m. (2000GMT) Monday and the service was shut down shortly after, Nordea spokesman Boo Ehlin said.

The e-mails tried to trick Nordea customers into filling in their account information and other personal details on a site that looked similar to the bank's official Web pages, he said. It was not immediately clear if anyone fell for it.

Police tracked the e-mails to South Korea, Ehlin said, adding that the Internet service reopened Tuesday morning. (AP)


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