U.S. beef ban leading to trade war

Kyodo reports that the Japanese Embassy has criticized a U.S. Senate bill calling for retaliatory tariffs over Japan's 22-month-old import ban on U.S. beef, and issued an explanation of what Japan was doing to end the impasse.

"We are disappointed," the embassy said in a statement distributed to news organizations soon after 21 senators introduced the bill to impose punitive tariffs worth $3.14 billion annually on Japanese products by the end of the year if Japan fails to end the import restriction. In a press conference, Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ryozo Kato said, "It's not a productive move."

U.S. beef is also banned in Korea, and has been banned for over 10 years in Europe.

In Tokyo today consumer organizations are arranging a demonstration with street performances to protest against U.S. beef imports. I'm trying to find photos.

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