Nobel Peace Prize to IAEA

Photo: Dean Calma/IAEA  Posted by Picasa

BBC reports that the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, and its Director General Mohamed ElBaradei. He is quoted as saying: "The award sends a very strong message: 'Keep doing what you are doing'."

"We continue to believe that in all of our activities, we have to be impartial, objective and work with integrity. Overall my colleagues and I will go to sleep tonight with a good feeling of satisfaction that finally our effort has been fully recognised," Mr ElBaradei added.

He said the IAEA's aim was "to make sure we have a world free from nuclear weapons ... where terrorists do not get access to nuclear weapons".

However, Mr. Terumi Tanaka, Head of Japanese atomic bomb survivors' association Hidankyo, says "It [the IAEA] is not an organisation that has conducted peace activities - it is very disappointing."

No Japanese news agency has posted this news yet...


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