Peak oil and the end of agriculture as we know it

Interesting article and discussion over at The Oil Drum on a topic that I try to follow - what will happen to food production and agriculture as we know it, when oil is becoming too expensive for ordinary farmers?

The Oil Drum: The Connection Between Food Supply and Energy: What Is the Role of Oil Price?

Tha author was inspired by Tony Boys' article on North Korean experience, that I blogged about here.

Tony Boys is asking a pointed question in a recent essay, posted on his website: "Does mankind have the wisdom necessary to implement the historical lifestyle change... whereby populations would be consciously manitained at a level appropriate for the local natural conditions of soil, climate, flora and fauna?" His argument is well worth considering.

Even organic agriculture, with little use of fossile fuels, may not be able to sustain a global population of 7-8 billion meat-eating humans... It seems to me that this message is a political taboo that no government wants to share with citizens. In my view, the hardest lesson of all may be to turn society away from the current free-trade model, that encourages countries to increase its dependence on imports of foods.

Please click here for Tony Boys' essay (pdf)

And continuing on the theme of energy (and food), here is Chess Master Gary Kasparov on the HBO Bill Maher Show, October 19. Clever guy. Funny too (I'm talking about Kasparov).


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