Lecture on Hakuin's Zen Talk and Practice

The Sweden-Japan Foundation is inviting people (in Sweden) to a lecture about
Hakuin’s Zen Talk and Practice – Advice on attaining the peace of clear mind through Zen meditation by Souhaku Matushita, the abbot of Zen Buddhism Temple, Kaijozan Chokoji.

Time: Wednesday September 12, 2007, 18.00-19.30 hrs.
Venue: Summit, Grev Turegatan 30, 114 38 Stockholm (Sweden)
Registration: info@swejap.a.se before September 10.

Many Japanese believe in and practice Shinto and/or Buddhism, in every day life and at special ceremonial occasions. Zen, one of the important practices of Buddhism, was brought to Japan from China in the Kamakura period (1192-1333) and flourished in Japan.The Zen master Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1769) was one of the great religious figures of Japan and the reviver of the Japanese Rinzai Zen school. Nowadays Zen is attracting increasing attention from around the world.

In addition to Hakuin’s Zen, Mr. Matsushita will also talk about artworks and paintings and their teachings. He will show how to practice Zen meditation, such as breathing and posture, and how to attain peace of clear mind and good health in daily life. Mr. Matsushita has been actively involved in the global initiative of conserving nature.

Good article about Hakuin Ekaku from Wikipedia.

Read more about the lecture on the Sweden-Japan Foundation website.

Why not do a podcast and use the Internet to let others listen in on the lecture?


Pandabonium said…
Ooo. I'd be listening... for a change ;^)

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