Peace Day Tokyo September 15, 2007


Sayonara, Shinzo Abe. You could not get the Japanese public to understand why Japan needs to support the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan (Update: providing more than 127 million gallons of fuel, free of charge, much of it into U.S. warships, according to the Washington Post), and why Article 9 should be scrapped. Global warming? You seemed to care, but was it just politics? And you did absolutely nothing to clear up the massive issue of "lost" pension accounts, a very real problem for hundreds of thousands of people.

With Abe gone, I think the Peace manifestation on September 15 in Tokyo will be a very, very cheerful event with a lot of enthusiasm from peace activists who have maintained their support for Article 9 of Japan's Peace Constitution, that clearly says, Japan is a country that will not wage wars. Especially not now, and not in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tokyo says "No War" and "Peace for everyone"!

Now I'm really looking forward to Saturday!

Place: Shiba Park (by Tokyo Tower)
Time 11:00AM - 17:00PM
More details on the World Peace Now Website and at the Peace Day Tokyo Blog.

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Pandabonium said…
Let's not forget Abe's "brilliant" appointment of three scandal ridden Agriculture ministers in a row. I hope this change signals a new era - I'm cautiously optimistic about that.

Sayonara Shinzo - and don't let the door hit your backside on the way out!

I'm looking forward to your report on the Peace Day.
Martin J Frid said…
Seems something hit his backside - he lost 5 kilograms after his India visit and had to go to hospital.

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