What do you do on a Sunday...?

I liked this photo, called "Playing by the River" (川遊ぶ Kawa asobu) on the Hidaka sightseeing website.

Near Koma station, there is a special place called Kinchakuda. Now, in the middle of September, bright red lilies of the Lycoris radiata species can be seen there in all their brief splendour. The river is Kamagawa, and Kinchakuda is a name that refers to she shape of the route of the river, as it looks like a silk purse (Kinchaku).


Pandabonium said…
Beautiful, cooling picture of summer fun. The flowers are nice too.

We usually spend Sunday gardening, but today went to an airshow at Hyakuri Air Base, Ibaraki. Blue Impulse aerobatic team were something wonderful to watch.
Martin J Frid said…
Airshows can be very impressive! Hope your hearing didn't suffer too much. When I read Richard Bach's stories, with his love of airplanes as the theme, I'm always reminded of the peaceful and even spiritual applications of flight...
vegetablej said…
Ooooooh, Higanbana! I love those incredibly red first-sign--of-autumn flowers. :)

Cute kids too. The sound of kids giggling and splashing in a river floating on the air is wonderful, isn't it?
Pandabonium said…
As the son of an aeronautical engineer and pilot myself, I love airplanes (if not always the uses to which they are put). I always felt at home and at one with the natural elements when piloting a plane. A near mystical experience very similar to that of being at the helm of a sailboat. I miss both.

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