"Stuck in limbo"

The Daily Yomiuri notes that bureaucrats in the government officies in Tokyo's Kasumigaseki district feel "stuck in limbo" after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that he would quit:

At the Environment Ministry, officials were in the middle of preparations for Abe's planned participation in a U.N. high-level meeting on global warming scheduled for Sept. 24. Officials completed Wednesday morning a draft speech for Abe, after staying overnight.

"I don't know what's going on," one official murmured.

Next year, Japan will host a Group of Eight summit meeting in Toyakocho, Hokkaido, where environmental issues are expected to be high on the agenda.

In light of this, another ministry official expressed concern, saying, "I wonder if we can continue with our current policies that prioritize the environment."

And over at the Construction and Transport Ministry, an official said, "With Abe resigning, it's not clear whether we can keep working on current policies, such as one related to tax revenues for highway projects. Until a new minister is decided, we're stuck in limbo for the time being."

Yomiuri: Abe's departure stuns Kasumigaseki

Elsewhere in the World, as some of you may have noticed, The Pope ends state of limbo after 800 years.

No more of this.


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