Vegan in Japan

Vegan Japan... You might have noticed that I have added the link to Herwin's website! I think his book is very interesting. I met him yesterday in Omotesando, he recommended the Brown Rice Cafe (near the Hanae Mori Building).

After that I introduced him to Satoshi Takagi at a tiny bar called TRAND that I like under the train tracks just north of Shibuya station. One of those tiny old places that remain from the post-war era, when things where very difficult in Tokyo, yet very simple.

Herwin's book, the Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide, is well researched and he has a lot of help from Japanese friends to make sure that all details are correct. I find the vegan diet challenging, to say the least, and I respect Herwin for his thorough research.

He notes that Tokyo has about 20-30 vegan restaurants now, more than perhaps any city anywhere else in the World: Actually this city is a leader in terms of diet and healthy foods.

Herwin's guide was recently featured in Hanako, a trendy magazine. Congratulations!


Julia said…
thank you for the link! good to know that there are more veggies around :D
i'll add you both to my link-list..
Martin J Frid said…
I think we are getting more and more people on our team!

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